Intro to Animations

Getting character fully animated - Page 1

We will be creating character skeletal animations and rigid body animations in UE4.

Otter dancing with a fish

You will need to install the latest version of UE4 4.25.x by downloading the Epic Games Launcher. You will also need a GitHub account which is free to sign up for as we will be using version control. You will also need a mac or PC that is powerful enough to run unreal. If you are on a PC you will have to download and install git (on a mac it may prompt you to install git as well but you can do it through the terminal). We will also install Github Desktop as it provides a GUI interface so you don't have to worry about command line. Once git is installed you will also need to download and install the Git LFS (Large File System) as well for both PC and mac. For this simple introduction that is all that is needed.

Lets make sure you can see hidden folders. On the PC follow these Windows 10 Turn on Hidden Folders directions. On the Mac it is a bit more involved so go and turn on hidden folders on Mac.

1. Getting Set-Up

Lets get set up with the sample project provided and get it ready to start importing animations ASAP.


Introduction To Animations Classroom

If you are a student of mine in class you will have received an email of this same repository and will view the invitation and press the Accept this Assignment button. Once this process is complete open Github Desktop and press File | Clone Repository and clone the UE4-intro-to-animation repository.


Blank Github Project

If you are not part of the class you can login into github with your personal account and navigate to and in the top right corner press the fork button:


New BlankProject

Navigate to the directory where you installed it. You will have a Source Files folder with all the files you need. There is a hidden .git folder that contains the database for all your files. There is a LICENSE file that declares the copyright and licensing terms. You can look at this if you like. The file has temporary text that you need to keep updated. You also have a .gitignore file that keeps binaries and files that are not required out of the git repository. You should fill it in with relevant content as you progress through this walk through. You will only see the .git folder if you have hidden folders turned on.